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Alexandra Nascimento MD.

The client

At  Dr. Alexandra Nascimento clinic, the prevailing approach is that aesthetic and reconstructive medicine come together to create a complete transformation.  Under the leadership of Dr. Alexandra Nascimento, the clinic offers an integrated and personalized approach, focused on enhancing authentic beauty and promoting the overall well-being of its patients.

Our mission was to develop all the branding for the new clinic, as well as the website, with a different and sophisticated approach.

Logo Design Alex Nasc.jpg
Logo Design Alex Nasc2.jpg
Logo Design Alex Nasc.jpg

The symbol is a minimalist and modern representation of the signature's initials in a monogram that refers to elegance, whilst maintaining an irreverent and sophisticated image.

The symbol presents a feminine touch without being too much, seeking to associate the concept of aesthetics with the transversality of the brand's target audience.

Logo Design Alex Nasc.jpg
Logo Design Alex Nasc.jpg
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