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Julia Kraus Interiors

The client

Julia Kraus Interiors gracefully navigates the intersection of modern design and timeless sophistication, crafting bespoke residential spaces that breathe with life and character. As a boutique design studio, Julia Kraus specializes in the art of styling, sourcing, and decorating, weaving together elements that transcend trends and stand the test of time.

Our mission was to develop a new Visual Identity for the brand to launch itself on the market in a strategic and firm way.

Logo Design Julia Kraus2.jpg
Logo Design Julia Kraus.jpg
Logo Design Julia Kraus.jpg
Logo Design Julia Kraus.jpg
Logo Design Julia Kraus.jpg

The brandmark walks the balance between modern and lasting.

The representation of the initials J + K result in an elevated, luxurious presence that communicates feeling and focus. 
The distinct monogram, with curved nuances that represent the endless possibilities, provide instant impact, setting the stage for the brand’s work.


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